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It has been a jam-packed first half of the year and the helfer have enjoyed all the great times we’ve had together. 

We’ve had so many fun events throughout the year that we have loved having you at. We began with our Zumer Lager Reunion where we bonded over camp memories of summer nights and shvimmen. We’ve had classic Sunday SKIFs where we’ve educated ourselves on various topics to grow our understanding of Chavershaft, Yiddishkayt and Doikayt, and we’ve had lots of fun on the way! 

SKIF has also taken part in rallies throughout the year. We started off at the Pride March, where we fought for equality alongside other Jewish youth groups and organisations who are also passionate about LGBTQI+ rights. We also took part in the Palm Sunday Rally where we marched for better treatment of refugees, an issue in our society that is very close to SKIF. 

Following on from this, SKIF had one of its biggest events of the year: In One Voice. The festival was the biggest and best it has ever been and the SKIF Kids Zone was a highlight of the festival. The helfer are all so proud of the SKIFistn who participated in the choir and shared their Yiddishkayt and beautiful voices with the rest of our Jewish community. 

Shortly after In One Voice, we had SKIF Purim. We celebrated the yontef with fun activities, homentashn and shalekh-mones, and an outdoor disco. We had some of the biggest and most creative costumes we’ve ever seen, including Maya Glickman’s edgy Gangsta costume and the Seminar who dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls. 

SKIF then participated in the first ever “With a Taste of Yiddish,” day. The day was filled with Yiddish language and Jewishness, as SKIFistn and helfer alike went to different activities at Sholem Aleichem College and Kadimah to develop and grow their Yiddish skills and appreciation. The Helfer even ran their own Yiddish Monopoly, a game you might even see appear on Vinter Lager! 

Throughout the year, we have also held Mini SKIFs for all the kinderlekh who are too tiny to come to SKIF. Dates for the upcoming Mini SKIFs will be out soon, so don’t forget to let all your Prep-Grade 1 friends know!

We also held SKIF’s 3rd seyder at the Kadimah. The Seminar put on a great night for the SKIFistn where we read through the hagode and sang classic Peysakh songs. By the end of the night, we had been freed from Pharaoh in Egypt and ate chocolate and caramel Matzah to celebrate. 

SKIF also had its annual April 19th Warsaw Ghetto commemoration at Phoenix Theatre. The SKIF choir performed beautifully and respectfully, to honour those who fought in the uprisings 76 years ago. The helfer want to thank all SKIFistn who participated in what is SKIF’s most important and integral event in its calendar. We encourage all SKIFistn to participate in or attend the commemoration next year. 

World’s Greatest Shave was an absolute hit once again. We raised money and awareness for an important cause. Thank you to Yoni Ringelblum for cutting her hair and dedicating herself to such a worthy cause. Thank you to the performers and all those who came on the day to our carnival and helped us to raise money. 


How to Look and Feel Good On SKIF Camp


Some of us may or may not have experienced the aftermath of a SKIF Zumer Lager before. However, we can now safely say, that everyone who attended SKIF Zumer Lager 18/19 has experienced the worst PCD they will ever experience. That is because Zumer Lager 18/19 was two jam packed weeks filled with constant joy and laughter. This undoubtedly made the summer of 18/19 for both the SKIFistn and helfer one to remember.

The enjoyment began with the grand reveal of Songfest. This year’s theme was Broadway Musicals inlcuding: “The Book of Mormon,” “Hairspray,” “ Little Shop of Horrors,” and “Les Miserables”. All of the performances were thoroughly enjoyed by all, showing the theatrical side of many SKIFistn that some had never seen before.

Following songfest, was the infamous Olympiade which ran over two days and consisted of water fights against the other Manshaftn as well as sporting events to help determine which Manshaft would win Olympiade for Zumer Lager 18/19. SKIFistn were bruised, some completely drenched and physically drained from the challenge, however, spirit and excitement were never lacking. This year’s theme was "Gods," and consisted of The Hindu's, The Greeks and North Mythology.

Entering into the second week, there was a return of some ex Helfer who ran a very exciting and special Ex-Helfer Day under the theme "Space.” Seeing the Ex Helfer definitely brought back some good memories and lit up the SKIFistn’s faces (even more).

Of course, another highlight was the unforgettable New Years Eve party, which was Angels and Demons themed and had the whole dining room decked out in spectacular decorations, food and costumes.

Once again, from all the Helfer we would like to thank all the incredible SKIFistn, cooks and everyone who made this camp one to remember and we are looking forward to a very exciting and fun filled year to come!!

How to Combat Post Camp Depression (PCD)

When you first step off the bus in Melbourne after experiencing, objectively, the best two to two and a half weeks of your life, you might experience a sense of relief. There will be no more sharing rooms with your best friends, no more waiting in line for delicious food and no more cleaning up after yourself after a meal (thanks Mum and Dad). Thoughts of showering in your own shower, sleeping in your own bed, eating a home cooked meal and, finally, not having to worry about a huntsman potentially crawling up your back sound idyllic.


But soon enough, maybe the morning after camp or maybe a few days later, PCD will rear its ugly head.


Here are some things you might experience as a result of PCD, accompanied by the official helfer recommendations on how to deal with said things:

1.    The scalding feeling of warm toast on your tongue

It takes time to adjust to what used to seem like a reasonably heated piece of toast. Helfer recommend waiting 10-15 minutes after toasting your toast, so the toast hits that ideal temperature of ‘too cold’, reminiscent of happier days at Charnwood.

2.    The aching silence of night

After two and a half weeks, the chattering of SKIFistn at night is not dissimilar to a lullaby, and you might find it hard to fall asleep without the sounds of your khaveyrim staying up and talking. Helfer recommend playing cicada sounds/calling your kraize and falling asleep to the sounds of each other’s voices.

3.    Missing your kraize

This is the big one. No longer can you just walk down the hall to your friend’s room, hang out and secretly eat kraize bag. BUT you CAN come down to Sunday SKIFs every week and see your friends and the helfer! Coming to SKIF is the ultimate cure for your PCD!

What's Happening in Politics

Scott Morrison. Last year, this guy was PM remember? But he got kicked out and left politics. So, there was an election to replace him in his home seat of Wentworth. For the first time in, well ever, Wentworth chose someone who wasn't a member of the Liberal Party. Her name is Kerryn Phelps and, while she agrees with the government on some things, there was an issue she wanted to change. The issue was the way people are treated in Australia's offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island.

That's where people are sent if they try to get to Australia by boat without permission. The government says it's a way of discouraging Asylum Seekers from risking their lives trying to get to Australia by sea and it says it's worked. However, it's been controversial. Some reckon people in offshore detention don't have access to proper medical facilities and some Asylum Seekers have died.

Last week, Kerryn Phelps put forward a new law which would make it easier for people who are already on Nauru and Manus Island to be taken to Australia for medical treatment if they needed it. However, the Government didn't support the new law. It said the law would put Australia's security at risk and encourage more Asylum Seekers to come to Australia. So, the Government voted against it. But the Government lost the vote. Now that might not sound like such a big deal, but it is!

You see, in theory, governments should always win votes like this one. That's because, to form government you need more than half of the seats in the Lower House of Parliament. Or you need enough support from Independents and Minor Parties to pass your laws. Except, last week, for the first time in a really long time, that didn't happen. Aussie governments have only lost votes like this twice in the past 90 years. Once in 1941 and once in 1929 when Stanley Bruce was prime minister! When it happened to Bruce's Government they called an election, which he lost. However,  this Prime Minister says that won't happen this time around. He's not calling an early election. But Scott Morrison is also not happy about the new ‘foolish law,’ and has made it clear that ‘it’s not one that [he] supports.

The Government reckons it'll lead to heaps of people arriving in Australia by boat.

But others say that won't happen. The leader of the opposition party, Bill Shorten refused to ‘accept that the [Government has] strong borders…or humane treatment’.

It's already become a big debate in Australia and many reckon that as we get closer to the election it'll only get bigger.

Where Are They Now? Sarah Leber

How long were you a SKIFist and helfer at SKIF?
I was a SKIFist for about 10 years and a Helfer for 3 years


What are some of your favourite memories from your time at SKIF?
So many good times! Just hanging out with my friends, it’s hard to choose! I can’t go past a good Olympiade and it was great being part of the Olympiade committee once as a helfer and once as an ex-helfer.


What do you do for a living?
I’m a vet.


How has your connection to SKIF shaped your life since leaving SKIF?
I am so grateful for the friends I made at SKIF and they are still my friends to this day. The whole community is so warm and welcoming. I am grateful that SKIF taught me to have a social conscience and to care about the issues surrounding us in Australia and also the world. SKIF is a major part of my Jewish identity.

What is your message to SKIFistn reading this article?
Make sure you go to all the Sunday SKIFs and camps!! Time will fly and you won’t realise until you are finished but it will be the best time of your life! Give your helfers a big hug for all the work they put in to making SKIF awesome too! And don’t forget to ask if you can go shvimen/have kraize bag at least 3 times daily on Summer Camp!!!

Yiddish Crossword Puzzle


6. Keeping the campsite clean

7. First meal of the day

8. Moment of silence

9. Dining room, Bananarama etc.

10. Wake up



  1. Friday night

  2. What should return to breakfast

  3. Body part to symbolise silence

  4. Circle

  5. Song we sing during Olympiade

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