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This page is full of fun and games to get you through isolation

What do you miss most about SKIF?

How bored are you right now?

Thank you!

Luckily for you there is this amazing SKIF games page to help you pass the time!

Enjoy Some Mindfullness Colouring

Falcon Mindfullness colouring.jpg

Click here to download

Or take a chance on another one?

Can you find the falcon?

where's wally 1.jpg

Can you find our Ideologies?

They're here somewhere...

How about some SKIF themed puzzles?

Enjoy a fun page

Or 2...

Or 3...

Love a good camp meal?

Well guess what, so do we!

Here is a secret camp recipe for you to make at home, because who doesn't love Chicken Wraps!!!

Listen to a SKIF themed Playlist

How about a cool new phone background?

coke bottle.png
Rolling Stones White.png
Rolling Stones Black.png

That's all for now

Hold on tight, there is more to come!

Or just have some fun flicking this switch

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