Winter Camp 2021

It's SKIF's 71st year in Melbourne and we can't be happier to have our annual Winter Camp back in person this year. As we finish our first half of the year what better way to spend the mid semester holidays than on Winter Camp! A fun filled 4-5 day adventure awaits our Juniors and Seniors. That’s right it’s Winter Camp 2021 and it’s going to be better than ever. Tell all your friends, pack your bags, grab your kraize bag and set your alarms because you don't want to miss a thing! Be cool and don’t miss out on the best camp of the semester. And don't forget to wear all your favourite SKIF merch.

We can't wait to see all of you on the first day of camp on the 28th of June!

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Camp dates 

Junior camp 

Monday 28th of June - Thursday1st July 

Senior Camp

Monday 28th of June - Saturday 3rd of July 

What Do We Do

On camp, the helfer (the fully trained leaders) will be running activities for the SKIFistn where we aim to help open the eyes of our SKIFistn to the wide world that we live in. We encourage them to be actively involved in making it the kind of place in which they would like to live.  

SKIFistn have jam packed days where they partake in activities based on SKIF’s ideologies, arts and crafts, sing, do some exercise, hang out with their friends and the helfer. The helfer work hard to make sure that every child has an enjoyable time on camp with exciting stories to tell.


Winter camp packing list 


  • Underwear (enough for at least one per day!!!)

  • Pyjamas

  • T-shirts

  • Long sleeve tops

  • Warm jumpers

  • Long Pants

  • Closed shoes/Runners

  • Socks

  • Towel

  • Dirty washing bag

  • Mask (on the bus)



  • Fitted sheet

  • Pillow and pillowcase

  • Sleeping bag/doona

  • extra throw blanket if sleeping bag is thin!


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Soap

  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Hairbrush



  • Water bottle

  • One bag of lollies/snacks for kraize bag which will be shared with your group (NO nuts, we will be checking and taking all kraize bag containing nuts!)

  • Torch

  • Musical instruments (optional)


Drop offs & Pick ups 

Drop off - 8am Monday 28th of June 

Pick up - Juniors: Thursday 1st July-  5.15pm at Glen Eira Town Hall 

Pick up - Seniors: Saturday 3rd July - 5.15 at Glen Eira Town Hall 

If there are any delays, the camp contact will be in touch 

Treetop Snow

COVID Policy & Supplementary Medical Form

Camp Prices and Forms

Juniors (Monday 28th - 1st July): $375

Seniors (Monday 28th June - 3rd July): $570

Payment can be made by EFT.

Cheque made out to: Jewish Labour Bund Inc.


EFT payment:

Account name: Jewish Labour Bund Incorporated

BSB: 033-047

Account Number: 522499

Please ensure that you write your child’s name in the reference section and confirm your payment by emailing after the payment has been made.

Camp forms are closed