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Countryside Camping

Summer Camp Expression of Interest Form

Our next camp for the year is our big one! Even though we have just finished Winter Camp, we are already getting pumped for Summer Camp and we hope you are too! We want to know if you are thinking of coming on Summer Camp by responding to the Expression of Interest form below.

Juniors: 20th Dec- 3rd Jan
Seniors: 20th Dec- 6th Jan

Please encourage anyone you know who might be interested in coming to sign our Expression of Interest form for Summer Camp.

Blue Snowflake

Thank you for an amazing Winter Camp!!!

Apple and Honey

Rosh Hashoneh

12th of September 

Come hang out with your favourite Helfer and celebrate Rosh Hashoneh with your SKIF Mishpokhe in the new Jewish year. 

Women's Race

Foot Rally

7th November


Rock on up to Foot Rally 2021.

Daring challenges, Amazing games, fun with friends and more. 

Are you brave and daring enough to join the rally?

Because SKIF wants you.

Juniors only. 

Street at Night

Car Rally

6th November

The roar of the engines call all SKIF seniors to come to SKIF   Car Rally 2021!!!

Get ready for one of the greatest events of the year, a challenge filled night, packed with excitement and wonder.

Seniors only.  

Baking Tools


Cover Final-01.png

Get excited for SKIF's community cookbook. This cookbook will be made up of our amazing community submited recipes. We want you all to send us your delicious recipes to be featured in the book. Please submit yours to or any other SKIF social media platforms. We look forward to seeing them all!

Camp Dates 2021

Autumn Camp
Seniors: 4th-7th April
Winter Camp
Juniors: 28th June - 1st July
Seniors: 28th June - 3rd July
Summer Camp
Juniors: 20th December - 3rd  January
Seniors: 20th December  - 6th January