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Sunday SKIF Online

Our regular Zoom Sundays have been a blast, and this week is sure to be the same. Senior Sunday SKIF will not be running this week as Lag Ba'Oymer is running on Saturday night. See below for details.

If you haven't already, make sure you download the app either on your phone or computer for your child to use, on

Sunday, from 3pm

For the link to our online activities, send us an email

Check out our new games page! Including some all new Phone Wallpapers!!

We want you to share your content with us! If you want to send us your SKIF related Tik Toks or videos to post on Tik Tok, make sure your parents sign this form.

Tikkun Leil

Tikkun Leil is fast approaching and is now only 1 week away!!! We are so excited to announce our guest speakers and their topics for the night so you can start thinking of questions you would like to ask them.


How it will work:

We will have Zoom links posted on our Facebook eventSKIF Website and in next weeks' E-Bulletin. All you need to do is click the link to the speaker you would like to see in each session. You will only be able to go to one speaker per session so choose carefully. There will be new links for each session, so once the first session has finished, you will need to select the next session link.

After our guests have delivered their speeches, there will be time for Q&A so you can start thinking of your questions to ask them now.


Instructions will be given before each speaker starts. Please be respectful of these rules to ensure that the event runs smoothly. We can't wait to see you all there!!!!

Join our Facebook event to see our introductions to all our guest speakers!

Camp Dates 2020

Winter Camp Online
Juniors: 27th - 30th June
Seniors: 27th June - 1st July
Spring Camp (Seniors Only)
29th September - 2nd October
Summer Camp
Juniors: 19th December - 2nd January
Seniors: 19th December  - 5th January

Online Winter Camp

Our 70th year of SKIF in Melbourne, but our first ever online Vinter Lager! We are sad to announce that given the current restrictions, unfortunately this years Vinter Lager will not go ahead in person. This decision has been very difficult to make, but for the safety of the SKIFistn, helfer and families, we will be running our Winter camp a little differently this year. 

The helfer are extremely excited to be hosting the first ever online camp and can't wait to be sharing a first in our SKIF history with the SKIFistn.


The helfer group have been working extremely hard to prepare the most incredible activities you've ever seen, including some camp classics and some never before seen innovation!


Online Vinter Lager is not one to be missed!!!

We can't wait to see all of you on the first day of camp on the 27th of June!


Jordan: 0468 332 078

Rachel: 0452 098 465



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