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This is the place to meet the current helfer or to learn a little bit more than would you already know about us. 



1. How long have you been at SKIF?
2. What is your favourite camp memory?
3. What is the best camp meal?
4. What does your life look like outside SKIF?
5. What’s your favourite quote and/or joke?


Youngest Juniors

Yoni Ringelblum

1. I have been at SKIF for 11 years and this is my second year Helfering.


2. Hanging out with my Kraize and of course SONGFEST !

3. Kartofl (potatoes)

4. Outside SKIF I am studying nursing and midwifery and coaching netball as well as working and playing music.

5.Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are always there.

Why are doctors mean? Because they say they'll treat you but they make you pay for it.

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