Meet the Helfer


This is the place to meet the current helfer or to learn a little bit more than would you already know about us. 



1. How long have you been a part of SKIF? how long have you been a helfer?
2. What's a fun fact about yourself?
3. What is your best camp memory/tradition?
4. What do you do outside of SKIF?
5. What are your hobbies?
6. What is your favourite camp meal?


Youngest Juniors

Ashleigh Osburn

Danyelle Menahem

1. I have been at SKIF since i was 7 years old (youngest juniors) and this is my first year helfering
2. My grandma, mum and sister all went to SKIF in both Australia and Poland
3. My favourite camp tradition is meal times where we sing songs and laugh but my best camp memories are ones spent by the lagoon
4. Outside of SKIF I work in a hotel.
5. My hobbies are playing sport/gym, working and thinking about SKIF
6. My favourite camp meal is pasta bake or soup and toasties


Jordan: 0468 332 078

Rachel: 0452 098 465



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