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Winter Camp 2024

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Juniors: 2nd - 5th July

Grades 2-6

Seniors: 2nd - 8th July

Grades 7-11


Our camps are open to children from Grades 2-11 who have previously attended a SKIF event.

Our camps are run by 'Helfer' (leaders) who have had leadership training and experience running camps and events.


The helfer will be running activities for the SKIFistn where we aim to help open their eyes to the big wide world that we live in, encouraging them to be actively involved in making it the kind of place in which they would like to live.

SKIFistn have a fun, action packed camp where they do activities based on SKIF’s ideologies, arts and crafts, play sport, sing, go for a shpatz (walk), hang out with their friends, helfer and more.


Camp Price
Juniors: $390
Seniors: $600
Payment to be made to:
Jewish Labour Bund Inc
BSB: 033047
Account Number: 522499
​*Please ensure that you write your child's name in the reference section*
*Due to child safety requirements we cannot accept enrolments for children who have not attended a Sunday SKIF or SKIF event in person. If you are new to SKIF, please get in contact with us*
Forms and Payment Due Date
21st of June

Parent Information Night

If this is your child's first time on camp or you would like more information about what SKIF Winter Camp 2024 will look like, we highly encourage you to attend our parent information night where we will discuss all the important details relating to camp.

It will also be an opportunity for you to meet you the Helfer Grupe and ask any questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thursday 13th June


Waks House

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Packing List

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